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    Sam Keller is Starting

    After landing yesterday at 1:30 on Mesa Makeshift Airline, making it down to I-80 by 3:30, signing by 5:00, practicing/skull session by 7:00, he is the STARTER.

    Yes, after starting at ASU last week and then losing his job on Thursday after a player revolt, Sam is now STARTER on the Scout Team. Joe Ganz really does not pass the ball as well as Sam, and since Sam passed for 400 yards on USC last year, Sam is the new annointed West Coast Arm of the Scout Team. He plans to bring intimate knowledge of playing against USC, tutor Joe Ganz and Beau "Who?" Davis and last week's Brian Hildebrand and Mr #5 Witt, win the qb job for next year next week, and be drafted as the No # 1 qb available in the NFL draft in 08, and perhaps win a national championship. No small feat. However, hope springs eternal in Lincoln as evidenced by this headline in giant OWH print: SAM IS HERE! SAM IS HERE!

    So, how did we get here from the past?

    1. Harrison "Too Immature" Beck had a lame arm in spring practice afterr tossing the ball on the sidelines. He did not play. He just snuck away from school over the summer. Pressure was too much for 18 year old from Florida. He completed one pass in his one year Red career.

    2. Brian Hildebrand injured his thumb at San Antoinio JC in California in 5th game last year and did not play again. He was looking for an opportunity to move on up through has qb coach who had NE connections, especially since he had not finished the season. He quickly moved to Redland (Lincoln) with his repaired thumb.

    3. Sam "Human savior of all that is good" Keller injured his right thumb in his fifth game last year. He threw four interceptions shortly thereafter and sat quietly on the bench. After a quick team meeting, he was #2 with little hope fo going to the NFL. So he hopped a plane to Lincoln.

    4. Synopsis: HBeck sore arm + Brian Hildebrand 5th game bad thumb + Sam Keller 5th game bad thumb = Next year QB for NE by a thumb

    5. Makes you appreciate Bret more and more. After Joe Dailey. After Curt Dukes. After Mike Stuntz. In Lincoln, it is like Flava of the Week. At Kansas State, its like Who is Left Week. At Missouri, it is Post Brad Week.

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    Keller being the starter of the Scout team was pretty much assumed by everyone. Someone who once had the starting position at a team that is the equivalent of Nebraska had better be running the Scout team. Probably the big reason why he came to Nebraska is because he only has one year of eligibility left after sitting out this year, and Taylor will be gone. It'll be an easy battle for him to get the starting spot in 07.

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    The Husker fans are absolutely giddy about him. Tom Shatel, OWH sports columnist, made a comment yesterday that he was the difference between a rebuilding year next year and a BCS bid for Nebraska.
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