Looks like we will have some exciting moments from our freshman, and along with it some frustrations.

Moody - boy, I am thinking she is the fastest player we have had at ISU. Coast to coast layups. I wish that would have went it. With her length too, she could be a great defender. Like her getting her hands on balls. Like her game a lot. Our other players are going to need to pay a little more attention to her great speedball passes.

Williamson - like her length and willingness to shoot.

Fallon - for an undersized post, she is tough and has a motor. She reminds me a little of Niz.

Mays is very big and very athletic. She is going to be seriously needed as we compete with some of the posts and post recruits coming in in the Big 12. Some really big ones such as Bone, Reed, and TX just signed the top post in 2013, who is 6'7"