I hadn't realized until I read part of this mornings Omaha World Herald that Pauli's Bar on Leavenworth in Omaha closed this past Monday night. For those who have been to Omaha for the CWS, or are a dive-bar fan near Omaha, you may have frequented this spot for good times.

I attended grad school about a few blocks north of Pauli's and would head down 1-2 times per week to grab an after class brew and/or watch some Cubs baseball. It was the place to be during the college world series for almost 30 years, sporting crowds packed elbow to elbow for a whole city block and a line half a mile long. Had some great times mingling with local sports personalities and "celebs". Sad ti see the end of an Omaha tradition and icon. Hopefully someone picks up the torch to keep it going for Omaha.

R.I.P. Pauli's 1982-2011

Shatel: Closing time for iconic locales - Omaha.com