The Green Bay Packers have had many exciting finishes and game winning plays in their storied history. A history that traces its roots back to Curly Lambeau and the year, 1919.

While I'm sure there were many great comebacks, fantastic finishes and game winning plays in the early history of the franchise, there wasn't an ESPN or NFL Network back then to show the replays and analyze those victories. So, many of my great Packer finishes come from the last few decades. They are plays I saw live, on television or in highlights.
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Let's look at some exciting game winning plays for the Green Bay Packers.

January 4, 2004 - Al Harris(notes) Interception

Al Harris was a beloved player in Green Bay. With his long dreadlocks and his ability to gamble and make big interceptions, he anchored the Packer secondary for years. Harris made the biggest play in his long career back in 2004 when in the playoffs he picked off Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck(notes) and ran the pick back for a score in overtime.

All this after Seattle won the overtime coin toss, and Hasselbeck told the official, "We want the ball, and we're going to score." A great finish and victory for the Packers in the playoffs.

October 17, 1983 - Missed Field Goal Gives Packers Win

The 1980's weren't the greatest decade for the Green Bay Packers. They didn't make the playoffs that often and were rarely on "Monday Night Football." They were on "MNF" in October of 1983 against a very good Washington Redskins team. The Packers traded punches with the Redskins as both teams matched up and down the field. As the game was ending, Washington kicker Mark Moseley missed a 39-yard field goal and the Packers and their fans went crazy. At the time, it was the highest scoring game in "Monday Night Football" history and the teams combined for over 1,000 yards to total offense.

November 5, 1989 - Don Majkowski and the instant replay

Any victory over the Chicago Bears is a big win if you are a Packer fan, but there was no more exciting win than when Don Majkowski also known as the "Majik Man" won an improbable game back in 1989. On a 4th down, Majkowski hit Sterling Sharpe with what appeared to be a game winning touchdown, but Majkowski was called for being over the line of scrimmage. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, the officials reversed their call because of instant replay to give Green Bay a 14-13 victory. Majkowski really was "Majik" in 1989 for the Packers.

November 6, 2000 - Favre to Freeman

Brett Favre(notes) to Antonio Freeman was a great combination for years in Green Bay. This particular was great because it took place in overtime against the rival Minnesota Vikings and because Freeman made an unreal catch on the ground, regained his composure and took it in for a game winning touchdown.

September 7, 1980 - Chester Marcol's touchdown

Chester Marcol may not be one of the all-time greats for the Green Bay Packers, but the kicker scored a touchdown in a crazy play back in 1980. In an overtime game against the Chicago Bears, Marcol lined up for a game winning 34-yard field goal. The kick was blocked by lineman Alan Page and bounced back to a surprised Marcol. Marcol reacted quickly and clutched the ball to his chest. He carried it into the end zone for a great Packer victory. For this one day, Marcol was a hero in Green Bay.