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    NY Post article about WVU & possible future

    the article mentions the league probably has WVU lined up which is no shocker, and a lot of these throw a lot of minor possibilities around. but it does mention maybe in 2 years the Big 12 would suck up the rest of the Big east, which I don't know if they were going to why they wouldn't from the start. The Big East schools are used to $3 million a year, the existing Big 12 schools could continue to get what they are used to and not upgrade the Big East until the tier 1 rights come in.

    I wouldn't think the conference was serious about 16, except they did discuss a conference dedicated network. I'm not sure a conference network will make sense now under a 10 team league and Texas & OU having their own, but if they added the bigger markets of the Big East and had the quality teams the Big 12 has I could see where maybe the league could turn a network into an actual profit making it easier to go to 16 teams.

    I like 16 for ISU if the league doesnt have to lose much money for one stability and two we need some teams in football that would be easie to compete against.

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    Re: NY Post article about WVU & possible future

    I don't buy the idea we will be going 16 at the Big East's expense in several years. If we were going to do it, it would happen now. Waiting means the Big East will add other schools, have a new TV deal to break, etc.

    Not likely to happen.

    It is ten teams, or twelve. That's it. And probably ten teams only until the Tier I renegotiation is set to begin.

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    Re: NY Post article about WVU & possible future

    IMO, it is 10 teams for now as well. If Mizzou leaves, we possibly go to 12 teams. Eventually I see the Big 12 back at 12 teams.

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