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    NFL: Welcome to Overreaction Nation

    So true and so amusing.

    ESPN Page 2 - Jackson: NFL Overreaction Nation

    Click on the writer's name to view the team specific articles.

    In Chicago …
    The RB "runs like a pig." The QB is the most unpopular guy in town. The defense has lost a step. And all this comes after a Bears victory!?!?
    Gene Wojciechowski

    In New York …
    It's one of the founding principles of Overreaction Nation: The backup QB is always better than the starter. Just ask Jets fans.
    Kieran Darcy

    In Cleveland …
    The Browns' offense is abysmal. The Browns' offense cannot be stopped. What a difference a week made in Cleveland, which rode quite a roller coaster.
    DJ Gallo

    In San Diego …
    Who says San Diegans are a laid-back bunch? After watching LT and the Bolts get unplugged by the Pats, Chargers fans lit up the message boards.
    Mary Buckheit

    In Dallas …
    After two impressive wins, Cowboys fans have visions of a Super Bowl in their sights -- even a bunch of guys who are surrounded by naked women.
    Jeff Pearlman

    In Los Angeles …
    There's no pro football in L.A. (unless you count USC), but that doesn't mean that the city is devoid of NFL fans who wear their hearts on their sleeves.
    Eric Neel

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    Re: NFL: Welcome to Overreaction Nation

    The article makes a good point but the players and coaches need to remember that they get paid big bucks to perform and when they don't, people have a right to criticize. Now we all know people go overboard but that's just natural, that will always happen.

    Case in point...

    I've always liked the Eagles, I've always like McNabb but I'm getting incredibly tired of people like him whining that the fans are too critical when they don't perform. If you get paid millions of dollars to do a job really well, you better at least do it better than average. McNabb for instance has blamed everybody but himself for the lack of getting over the hump the past few seasons but in reality the team did far better last season with Garcia starting. McNabb even has the nerve to go on tv and say people are racist & complain about black QBs more but he's not recognizing the fact that out of the two biggest black starting QBs, one was just arrested for dog fighting and the other (McNabb) couldn't hit a receiver this season if his life depended on it.

    I agree people criticize far too early (see Chizik for instance: 0-2 start & people demanding his head) but I also think that the athletes and coaches need to perform to the level of their salary if they expect anything different. Some are given a lot of leeway because they realistically have no chance of living up to expectations (see Farentz for instance: $2.8 million/yr for 15-13 record) and some aren't given enough. I don't think it has to do with Race (see Charlie Weise & Loyd Carr) but I do think it has to do with the expectations for the given circumstance and the opportunities that are sometimes wasted by underachieving.

    People will always complain but athletes and coaches need to realize that sometime's when there's smoke, there's fire.

    Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

    ISU MBB: Bigger than a single person.

    ISU Football: They key to expectations is not having any in the first place.

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    Re: NFL: Welcome to Overreaction Nation

    Yeah, the McNabb comments made me laugh. Until seven months ago, Peyton Mannign was easily the most criticized QB in the game-that what happens when you make the GDP of a small country to play a sport and have no championships to show for it. The argument that he has no star receivers also rings hollow: if you are so concerned about having playmakers, forgo up some of salary so they can sign marquee players.

    What the hell does he expect when he signs a $112 million dollar contract-in the city that booed Santa Clause-and has underachieved for the duration of the contract? When you make NINE figures to play a sport...shut-up and thank God for the blessing bestowed upon you.

    Compared to a few billion other people in the world that worry about stepping on a mine on the way to school, getting blown up by an IED on patrol or the few hundred million that worry about getting their next meal w/o getting shot by some warlord-being criticized for sucking at throwing a football to a received ain't bad.

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