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    Disappointing Loss But...

    ISU FB is heading in the right direction.
    1. We have a great coach. IMO for ISU, Paul Rhoads is probably a better coach than Nick Sabin. Sure that might be hyperbole, but he and his staff have done an outstanding job of identifying 2 & 3 star recruits and getting them to play like 3&4 star recruits. I haven't seen a team take the field against ISU where I thought their team speed or physical size was noticeably better than ISU.
    2. We do play with emotion- I love when guys are flying around the field making plays- high fiving & chest bumping afterwards. Where it crosses the line is taunting opposing players after a good play is made.
    3. Coach is building a team. We have some good players in Osemele, LJ, Knott, etc. However, I have been impressed by the quality of our depth. Kirk Ferentz developed the "Next Man In" philosophy at Iowa and IMO Coach Rhoads is doing the same thing. If Burris, LJ and Osemele are out for an extended period- I feel sorry for those kids. However, I am pretty confident the kids that step in will do just fine.
    4. The coaching staff is bringing good kids to the program. Sure there have been a few run ins with the law or a couple kids not making it academically- but far-and-away these kids get it.
    5. 56,300 fans were at the game last night. The game day atmosphere and crowds have been great. Jamie and the marketing team need to be given a ton of credit for making FB Saturday's in Ames a great place to be. If this program continues to progress- I can easily see consistent crowds of 60-65k in 4-5 years.

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    Re: Disappointing Loss But...

    I just watched the complete interview with Coach after the games (its on the DM Rag website). I feel much better now. I believe things will be corrected. What I really liked was that there was no panic. Rhodes realizes that this team is playing hard and without all the screw ups could yet win a lot of games yet this year. He is not bashing Johnson or anyone else. Its just "lets get this fixed and move on". Good attitude.

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    Re: Disappointing Loss But...

    I just watched the complete interview with Coach after the games (its on the DM Rag website).
    Do you have the link? or what section of their site to pull it up?

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    Re: Disappointing Loss But...

    The thing that kills me is this was our chance to get them. We were not over matched like we usually are in these games. I think part of the problem is we play is HUGE games like this so rarely, our offense just didn't know how to settle down and get the job done. Defense was great I thought, yeah they gave up a couple long ones but for the most part they did their job.

    We have some talent here, enough to compete in this league anyway. Just have to get it together.

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