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    FX game of the week...

    is pretty legit!
    [ame=]Intro to FX's first ever college football game (2011) - YouTube[/ame]

    It looks like they go all out as far as stadium cams. They will have an aerial cam, field goal cams, and multiple sideline cameras along with the normal cameras up by the press box. It looks like they put more effort into the FX game of the week than ABC does on regional coverage. I must say, I love the Fox NFL theme for the CFB game of the week!

    Oh and Gus Johnson is the announcer (but everyone already knows that) I will be at the game but I will be pretty excited just to watch the FX recording after the game.

    ďI told you, I donít care if youíre black or white. I donít care if youíre rich or poor. I donít care where you come from, whether itís Texas, Florida, California, or right here in the state of Iowa, I donít care about any of thatÖ But what I did care about is moving forward from that day on, that we were one team." -Paul Rhoads

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    Re: FX game of the week...

    I can't wait to hear...

    "Jantz... looking... looking... has all day... fires DEEP... CAUGHT, TOUCHDOWN DARIUS "MONEY" REYNOLDS!! What a throw and catch! Cyclones now lead, 31-17 late in the 4th quarter."

    *On the replay of course, since I will be there to see it live!!

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