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Nice to see UT does have some respectful fans.

Biggest piece of irony in that whole thread is someone from Mcintire, Iowa throwing another part of the state under the bus. I always laugh when I see people who are from BFE ripping on other areas that they consider BFE. No offense Al, just find it funny.
It's not about the BFE thing. Perhaps I didn't do a good enough job of making that clear. Western Iowa is more culturally similar to Nebraska. It's not a rural or trashy thing, it's more of an ideological thing.

It's also a joke. Lots of nice towns in western Iowa (in fact, many of those towns are probably in nicer shape), but the Vander Plaats/Steve King crowd is more typical of Nebraska politics than Iowa politics.

I don't want to cave the thread, but those guys probably wouldn't get elected in Central or Eastern Iowa.