First, I hate that this has to even be a question. Second, I am not a lawyer by trade, so this is mere opinion and thinking out loud. I don't see how with all this scrambling these conferences aren't opening themselves up to all sorts of lawsuits. I understand that the only reason I am entertaining these thoughts are because my team is on the outside looking in. But it sounds like the only reason for our being left out is we don't have a "sexy" dance partner. How do schools like Okie State and Texas Tech get to move to these conferences just because they ride the coattails of OU and UT? With our facilities, fan support, aau status, this doesn't make sense for non-profit organizations this may change - but right now I would like to know if conferences are truly non-profit organizations (which they all by charter are) how come these teams with lesser capacity stadiums (TT, KS, NW, etc), fan attendance, academic achievement, are getting homes? I know the answer is tv sets -- ding-ding legally isn't that the definition of profit.

Sorry for the rant, very frustrated that our beloved Clones and fellow fans have to put up with this bs