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    Only thing to do - act and play like your life depends on it.

    Just continue to pack the Jack and play winning, or at least competitive ball. Same goes for the rest of the forgotten five.

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    Re: Only thing to do - act and play like your life depends on it.

    Desperate times call for Desperate measures....

    or just well calculated ones. The 'forgotten five' are still apart of the Big XII, a TV contracted BCS AQ conference.

    1. Apparently the going rate to defect from a conference is $20 million, pretty easy math 5 teams staying collect $20 million from the 5 leaving.

    2. We can count and 12 is 12, so we add 7 teams.

    Cincinnati - pretty sure they are looking now (TV markets)
    Louisville - see above
    Memphis - solid basketball (TV market)
    TCU - solid FB and they don't have a home next year (TX recruiting & Dallas market)
    Houston - solid FB (TX recruiting & TV market)
    BYU - solid FB and a National Brand (TV market)
    Air Force - solid FB and you cannot go wrong with a Service Academy

    3. We create a Big XII network modeled after the B1G network. Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake are Big BIG TV markets.

    Dan Beebe, don't make me do your ******* job again.

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