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    Realignment - BCS logic?

    I am just throwing this out there. I know its all about the money (or perception of more money) but Neither the BCS or conference realignment make sense.

    BCS-Why does the NCAA outsource its football championship and allow 3rd parties (Bowl Committees) to make millions (10s , 100s of millions?) off its premier sport, while member schools (UCONN) lose money by playing in the game? Also think of Boise State – they would probably be favorites or co-favorites to win the Big East, BiG, ACC and Pac 12 but now have to “hope” they get into the BCS Bowl and really have no shot at playing for the BCS championship.

    Super conferences - A 16 team super conference has two 8 team divisions – probably set up geographically. So, if a team has 3 non-conference games and plays everyone in their division once, that’s 10 games. No cross division games except for the conference championship? It sounds a lot like the old bowl system when the Big 8 champ would play another 8 team conference champ in the Orange Bowl. Also, if one division becomes the big income generator for the conference and has to share equally with the other division which is lagging, how long before the conference splits in two?

    Maybe both are related. Is the BCS one of the root causes of all this? Would getting rid of the BCS and doing a real playoff solve the problem? Would teams want to be in a 16 team SEC trying for the championship and automatic bid to the playoffs, or would the SEC break up into and East and West both with automatic bids to the playoffs?

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    Re: Realignment - BCS logic?

    I was thinking about this last night, 16 team conferences do not make sense given that teams from the two divisions will rarely have any time to play each other. What 16-team conferences give you are two 8-team "mini" conferences that pit their divisional champs against each other.

    Perhaps there are powers that be that are trying to solve the whole playoff issue by instituting 4 16-team super conferences:
    West - Pac-16 (Could easily add 4)
    South - SEC (Just need 3)
    North - B1G (Same as Pac-12, could easily add 4)
    East - ACC (Just need 2 more.)

    Unfortunately, two other major conferences get cannibalized in the process -- the Big 12 and the Big East.

    Go Sssssssssyclones!

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    Re: Realignment - BCS logic?

    Logic has gone out the window along time ago

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