So the ACC sits currently with 12 teams. Adding pitt and cuse to make it 14. Meaning they need 2 more teams. Big East loses Pitt and cuse leaving them with 6 teams but TCU is supposed to become a member making 7. Big 12 has 9 teams with A&M more than likely going to SEC putting them to 8. Big 10 has 12 teams and would need 4 more teams to get to 16. Pac 12 has 12 teams needing 4 teams to get to 16. SEC has 12 needing 4 to go to 16 if u include A&M then 13/3. That leaves you with 16 teams sitting out of big east and big 12 plus ND Boise St. The “Big $4” will need 11 teams out of the 15 sitting… or those 16 can just make a conference. I believe Iowa State will find a home out of the schools remaining.