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    Hawkeye Hype Machine

    Went with a neighbor and fellow Iowa Stater to the game yesterday. On the way there we questioned whether we could stop Iowa's running game, we doubted whether we could move the ball effectively on their run defense and whether our O-line could keep them away from Meyer, and of course we questioned whether Shaggy could make the big kick if we needed it.

    Well after the sweetest game I can remember, everything came into clear focus. Every year for the last several years, the buildup to this game has been the same. The Squawks have usually beaten up on some inferior opponents maybe even in impressive fashion. Their fans and the media build them up and up and up. Even their losses are made to sound better than our wins. In the meantime, we've either won 2 games and gotten little to no credit in the media, or we've looked less than impressive or lost ugly like this year. My point is year in and year out the Squawks are overrated and overhyped by the media and their fans, while we get the equal but opposite treatment to the point where sometimes we start to believe it ourselves. I mean, good grief, the hawks were 6-7 last year. Kudos to the players and the coaches for ignoring all that crap and making big plays all day yesterday. 7 of 10 speaks for itself. We should be the ones who expect to win.

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    Re: Hawkeye Hype Machine

    This year that goes for every sport we play. So far Iowa has only tied us in one competition and we have won the rest. Just look at my sig.

    I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

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