Living in CR, we had a nice drive home and after listening to the ISU call in show we turned over to the Iowa postgame. WOW, I thought I was in the south with all of the uneducated, arrogant, and misinformed fans calling in. Not a single one could say that ISU was the better team, however the hawks would have won if this game was played on any other day of the week . I wish I could have recorded it and put it on CF, because it was hours and hours of comedy.

How about this Hawk fans, you couldn't run the ball, Jake C. couldn't throw a pass over 10 yards, and you got out coached AGAIN. If your team can't get up for the "superbowl" for 10 years in a row, maybe you need to look at the man making $3MM / year.

For the comments this is the only game we as fans care about, I would be more than happy to trade this victory in for a win against Texas or Oklahoma later this year.