As you may know, Locksley, the old OC from Illinois, is HC here in Albuquerque and promptly got the Lobos driven into the ground a la the Chiz- including two lawsuits his first season. This will be the final year for him if he doesnt get probably 4-5 wins, and faces Tech a week after Arkansas ran a train on the Lobos.

Instead of rooting for Tech to put in Ronny Daniels (an Albuquerque stud RB), I would pay attention to certain things for a scouting report, keep in mind that you cant really compare the gameplan tech will run against UNM and ISU. In fact, I haven't paid much attention to the team this year, so I cant tell you what the lobos are good at, if anything.

I will be at the game in Lubbock this October - looking forward to it, as long as there are no batteries flying in my direction!