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    Nebby Does Fresno Poem

    I know, I know. Received this poem in the mail. We do not care about Nebby, but do not read this poem then. Someone has encapsulized the concerns in Lincoln over lack of leadership and half the coaching staff making switches or coming on board. Needless to say, the Barney Cotton oline did not have a good day. Their dline was punctured several times. Their defense is suspect while the offense did okay although they made mistakes. The game was only a TD difference in the fourth quarter and the Husker faithful were asking themselves if they bwere going to be nationally geat again. With the running in the B1G, this game was a warning to the rest of the season. Take the poem for what it is worth. Maybe someone might like to do a similar poem for the Iowa/ISU game.


    Time for more Husker football this September date
    Huskers took on the Bulldogs from Fresno State
    The weather was perfect, a gorgeous football night
    Even the planes flyover, it was timed just right
    The pregame show honored nine eleven heroes
    This before the game when the score board should zeroes
    But those zero scores would not stay that way for long
    For the Bulldog offense proved to be very strong
    First the Husker special teams the Bulldogs did burn
    Fresno State scored a touchdown on a punt return
    Though Pellini’s true thoughts probably were unlawful
    He said Husker special team’s play was God awful
    But the Husker option, the Bulldogs then misplayed
    You could say the Husker touchdown was Taylor made
    But the Bulldogs answered, scored another touchdown
    The Huskers’ play on defense made Pellini frown
    The Huskers came right back, a long run, a long pass
    Then Burkhead took it in, as he stepped on the gas
    Right before half Bulldogs put Huskers in a hole
    While not making the end zone, they kicked a field goal
    And so at the halftime, right there for all to see
    The Bulldogs were all fired up as they led by three
    For the halftime show, though it was after seven
    They honored fallen heroes of nine eleven
    Start of Second Half, Husker defense took their licks
    The Bulldogs kicked a field goal, and they led by six
    But Huskers scored a touchdown, showed they were not done
    Martinez to Enunwa, and they led by one
    The Huskers kept it going, yes they did indeed
    Martinez completed passes to Kyler Reed
    Then rather than passing, the Huskers ran instead
    Scored on a six yard run by I back Rex Burkhead
    The Husker fans felt better, it was getting late
    The Huskers looked in control as they led by eight
    But the game was not over as the Bulldogs showed
    They scored a quick touchdown while in the passing mode
    But what happened next made the Husker fans less blue
    The Bulldog’s conversion failed as they went for two
    What happened next really made the momentum turn
    Abdullah scored, a hundred yard kickoff return
    The Bulldogs would not quit, though they were in a fix
    Another Goessling field goal brought them within six
    Huskers needed someone to step up, someone but who
    Taylor Martinez was the one who then came through
    Taylor scored a touchdown, a forty-six yard run
    Husker fans were all smiles, they knew the game was won
    But the game was hard fought, any way you mix it
    But a Husker problem, Pellini can fix it
    Huskers need to keep improving even though they won
    For next week they face the Huskies of Washington

    And Nebby went B1G based on football and not academics...

    U.S. News ranks UNL last in Big Ten -

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