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    Ames Fire Station

    Thought I would post these here and see what you guys thought, these are pictures I took at the Welch Fire Station in Ames for photography class. I thought it was fitting since it is 9/11 week.

    Thanks to the firefighters that let me come in and take pictures, and also thanks to all firefighters across the country for saving peoples lives when they are in need.

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    Re: Ames Fire Station

    Not sure what your assignment actually is and what the purpose/medium is suppose to be of, but I know I would have loved to see more of the people and not just the equipment. If you wanted some shots of equipment, perhaps giving the background a little more depth with the equipment would have been a nice touch...

    Would have been nice in the last one to adjust the lighting so all of the lettering would shimmer, rather than just the left third or so...

    What photography class are you taking? I never got the chance to take on while I was at ISU, never could fit that into a science major, but have done quite a bit of photography for a living during my college years.

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    Re: Ames Fire Station

    Assignment was to take pictures of sights and sounds (hence all the close up shots).

    Professor said these were portfolio quality.

    The lighting on the lettering was lighter, but I was told to fade it, so I did in Photoshop. The only thing I see that is wrong with the lettering is that it's a little cockeyed.

    The equipment you can tell what it is if you read the lettering haha.

    The class is for my GD major, so it's focused on that.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'd love to see some of your work if you want to put it up.

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