This morning a blurb appeared in the Omaha World herald that Missouri now has formed a media network like Texas, KSU, etc. has done. Now reading the particulars that it is an internet network that will show Olympic Sports and other Mizzou related stuff, it appeared to me to be nothing but Mizzou's version of a Clone Zone which has been around for a couple of years. So help me out here, what's the difference?

Having read the World Herald for a while now, I know that their editorial staff gleefully prints anything that even smacks of further division within the Big 12 ranks, thus justifying the move of their beloved Nebraska to the B-10; but is this really big news?

IMHO, I think ISU should release some PR about an ever expanding Clone Zone, even if it isn't, to get ISU's name out there as a viable healthy program. I don't think Iowa State does enough to toot its own horn thus contributing to the unwarrented perception that it is irrelevent as a viable player on the national scene. But I guess that's just me.