I'm calling you out to help a great cause. Big 12 has a big partnership with Special Olympics, and Special Olympics Iowa summer games are held in Ames -- Iowa State athletes help the SOI athletes during that time too.

Special Olympics Iowa is starting a fundraising effort called Pigskin Madness...College Teams Edition. The cost is $20, and $8,450 will be paid out over the 13-week season--$650 per week.

Here's how it works. You purchase a ticket. On the ticket it has three team listed for each week. You add up the points each of those teams score during that week to get your total score. The top 8 for each week will get prize money, as well as the bottom three totals for each week.

Please see the Special Olympics Iowa website for more information. Special Olympics Iowa | Grimes, Iowa

The website says it need to be turned in by last Friday, but they are still accepting them. They will be doing everything they can to get all of them in by week 1, so the sooner you get it in the better.

The teams included are those from the Big 10 and Big 12, plus UNI, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Boise State, LSU, Notre Dame, Oregon, Stanford, & TCU.

Contact Special Olympics Iowa at 515-986-5520 if you'd like to play or if you have any questions. Please help out a great cause!