I searched several sites and thought i would come here to lay it all out as I know many of have done this from past posts.
1) Purchased a G4 Mac Mini 1.5 GHZ on Ebay for $150 today, this was to make up for my sense of loss of not getting in on the HP Touchpad...
2) Have a 50" 720P Plasma, purchased a 25' DVI to HDMI cord to run to TV, plan to run the audio with a 1/8 mini-plug to RCA's into the Stereo for sound.
3) Has Airport and LAN, will be close to router - is it better to just hardwire it than use WiFi?
4) What do I need in terms of a wireless key board mouse? Will cheapo USB's work?

Already have the new Apple TV, we use it for the Airplay and Netflix - Primary goals for the Mac Mini are to have a home computer using the TV as the monitor, Watch CloneZone, ESPN3 and anywhere else the Clones show up on the Web, Sync Itunes to my Wifes Macbook, surf the web., if it does everything the Apple TV will do, will move that to a different TV.

Other Questions: will the DVI to HDMI connection work for Video? I noted Apple sells a DVI to S-Video adapter, I prefer to go the HDMI route if possible since its already wired behind the wall. What do I need to copy DVD's I own to the hard drive? Is it hard to get these programs to work?
Thanks in advance