Straight from Haley's mouth

HALEY: “Again, I wouldn’t pigeon-hole Jared Gaither to begin with. Branden’s our left tackle. He’s earned that right through his play here last year, and some of the things we did, and he’s come in this year and he’s working hard and it appears he’s getting better. Again, on the Jared deal, I think we have him over there to try to increase his comfort level as much as anything else. He’s a guy though that has played both sides. You have a number of different options with some of those guys and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned, because last year we played most of the year feeling like if something happened to Branden that Barry Richardson would go over there and then we’d plug in who we thought had the best chance to be the best right tackle – Ryan O’Callaghan much of the year. We weren’t as comfortable with Ryan going to left. The ideal situation if anything happens to either your starting right or left tackle, you just plug in a guy and then you have less moving parts at the spot that’s missing. Again, we’re trying to sort that out to see exactly where we are. Like I’ve said though, in the process, if somebody’s a standout player that we know can help us, then across the board, we’d find away to get them in there.”