Last 2012 scholly up for grabs. Who do you want?

Ray Lee- racking up some good attention

[ame=]Ray Lee 6'2 PG can score (Huntington Prep 2012) Dorian's Pride, Detroit R.E.A.C.H. AAU highlights - YouTube[/ame]

Negus Webster-Chan-recent article says he is high on the clones. Is that enough to snag him?

[ame=]Negus Webster Chan 2010-2011 Huntington Prep Junior Season Highlights - YouTube[/ame]

Sherron Dorsey-Walker-been quiet lately. Is Michigan a lock?

[ame=]Sherron Dorsey-Walker 2012 Detroit Pershing - YouTube[/ame]

Cleanthony Early- JUCO getting more and more attention

Cleanthony Early Basketball Recruiting |

Brian Bernardi-Would you rather have him or Matt Thomas?

[ame=]Roundball Classic Mixtape - YouTube[/ame]

Other recruits

Kale Abrahamson- committs to Northwestern
Marcus Bell- Marshalltown CC 6'8 PF

Also remember our committs
I know i know another recruits page, but a lot of them are scattered. I wanted to consolidate all the talk to one spot, but who can predict us fanatics?