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    Question about Big 12 TV rights

    Maybe somebody can help me with this.

    Tier 1 is ABC
    Tier 2 is FSN
    Tier 3 will be up to the universities

    So I had thought that all 5 conference games each week were going to be picked up on either tier 1 or tier 2 on some network or another between ABC/ESPN and Fox.

    The A&M fans are worried that a bunch of Big 12 games will end up on the Longhorn network. The only way I understood that the Longhorn network was going to be able to show a Big 12 games was ABC/ESPN using a tier 1 pick to put on their tier 3 agreement with Fox saying that was ok because they were going to put 1 game on big Fox. I don't understand why Fox had to okay it if it was a tier 1 pick, but whatever.

    My questions are:
    1. Aren't all Big 12 conference games tier 1 or tier 2?
    2. If a Big 12 school has to okay their own game on the Longhorn network, why would A&M care what other schools say about this...and why even worry about the Horn network getting a bunch of games because ABC/ESPN isn't going to use a bunch of expensive tier 1 picks on them.
    3. It seems like A&M admins were super positive about the Big 12 until all this Longhorn network news about HS games and Big 12 games being on it at the beginning of July. Now that the HS game thing is over, and they have a choice on Big 12 games, how are things any different than before the beginning of July?

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    Re: Question about Big 12 TV rights

    Fox had to okay the swap because Fox has exclusive rights for cable broadcasts.

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    Re: Question about Big 12 TV rights

    Things aren't any different. The two big fears A&M had were:

    1. HS games on LHN
    2. Additional conference game and ESPN strong arming a school into a LHN televised game as opposed to another option.

    Both of those have been addressed. But Aggy is as Aggy does and they have convined themselves that they'll be Florida in the SEC West.

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