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    Barfy's comments on ISU in his weekly Big12 North Rankings....

    I had to chuckle for a second when reading this. LB covers the Big12 pretty well and isn't a Nebraska homer as many would think despite working for the omaha rag.

    The OWH provides pretty good coverage of the Big12. So, being here in CO, I don't see the DSM rag in print and reading it online it's hard to tell how articles are displayed, but does it have a day of the week when it covers the Big 11 and Big 12 the way the OWH covers the Big12? One would think considering Iowa is the only state with a school in each conference.

    Lee Barfknecht's Big 12 Rankings


    1. Nebraska (2-0): Last week: Beat Wake Forest 20-17. Up next: USC, 7 p.m., ABC. Any road win is a good win. Keep repeating that as you ponder whether the spotty performance at Wake Forest will hurt NU's confidence for USC.

    2. Missouri (2-0): Last week: Beat Mississippi 38-25. Up next: Western Michigan, 1 p.m. Yes, the Tigers are undefeated. They also have given up 435 yards and 534 yards to two teams that last season were a combined 6-18.

    3. Kansas State (1-1): Last week: Beat San Jose State 34-14. Up next: Missouri State, 6 p.m. The Wildcats hope to use this week and next week's open date as dress rehearsals for the Big 12 opener Sept. 29 at Texas.

    4. Kansas (2-0): Last week: Beat Southeastern Louisiana 62-0. Up next: Toledo, 6 p.m. If the new-and-improved Jayhawks get past Kansas State on Oct. 6, they could be 7-0 going to Texas A&M in late October.

    5. Colorado (1-1): Last week: Lost to Arizona State 33-14. Up next: Florida State, 9 p.m., ESPN. How's the excitement level in Boulder for this week's home opener against a "name" opponent? About 3,000 tickets are still available.

    6. Iowa State (0-2): Last week: Lost to Northern Iowa 24-13. Up next: Iowa, 12:30 p.m., Versus. Now that football is essentially over, note that the men's basketball team opens Nov. 9 at home against Winston-Salem State.

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    Thomas Jefferson, 1802

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    Re: Barfy's comments on ISU in his weekly Big12 North Rankings....

    Hey, that's less than 2 months away.

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