Good to see Klein getting a little recognition (even if it's just from ESPN's BigXII Blogger)

Mailbag: Rising powers, underrated players - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Alex in CR asked: Is A.J Klein overlooked and under-appreciated? Knott may have great numbers but he isn't the only play maker on defense.

DU: I definitely think he is. As little respect as Jake Knott gets nationally and even in his own conference, Klein gets even less, and we're talking about the Big 12's third-leading returning tackler, behind Knott and Texas A&M's Garrick Williams.

Klein had 111 stops of his own, and though I think Knott's physical skills are superior, those two guys turned potential into big-time reality in just one season as starters. They're going to get even better. Iowa State has other problems, but linebacker is going to be a strength for at least a couple more seasons.