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    remember last year?

    i was talking w/ some friends (mostly sqwuaks), and the consensus between them was like every other year we play the chokeyes. "its not even gonna be close" (imagine that)now, that got me thinking, how many true clone fans actually believe this?

    yes, theyre 2-0 and we are 0-2. they have beat a lower class mac team and a team in syracuse that is one of the WORST teams in the nation against the run. albeit rather convincingly. now,we lost to a team that looked damn good against us, but not so much against a much better kentucky team than most of us even realize. even now. and as we all know, we fell to a div2 team that i think would prolly beat thier share of div1 teams, if given the chance.

    with that said, i dont think there is any reason that we cant win this game. last year we we're VERY lucky to be 2-0 at this point, and prolly even should have been 1-1 if not 0-2. we went into thier house and had the lead and the momentum until a "look what i found catch" by the clone killer chandler. this year its in OUR HOUSE, there is no chandler, and if we can contain a.y. and d simms, i really dont think jake c. can beat us! our team WILL be hungry, the stadium will be electric, and our boys, the coaching staff, and everyone else in the vicinity will feel it!!

    this may sound like wishfull thinking, but i really believe that this team will come together and rally around the school, the coaches, and the fans!! this week will show us the true makeup of this team, and i think we will all be pleasantly surprised come sat. night!!!


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    Re: remember last year?

    gotta be proud of who you are, i owe Iowa State University a lot, and i'll continue to support it for as long as i can

    .......and yes I do think we can beat the hawkeyes, the atmoshphere is going to be electric, something Jake Christensen wont be used to, he'll pull an '05 Tate, Meyer comes out and plays like a man on a mission, Blythe catches a couple TDs, defense gets some big TO's at big times, and Culbertson nails a 52 yarder as time expires to win. Then i get naked and start the revolution on Welch Ave.

    gotta believe

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    Re: remember last year?

    Seriously. This is going to be the only Cyclone game I'm going to be able to show people out here in California. Only an enlightened few know about ISU in SF, but I'm always trying to convert more. Got the gameday atmosphere set up, ISU playlist on the Ipod and the Treasure Island Music Fest after the game.

    If ISU wins, this weekend will go down in my personal top five.

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