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Thread: Opinions.....

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    Ok... I should unplug my computer for at least 3 days after a game like Sat night. Anyway...


    I see no fire in these guys. Its so unbelievable that the changing point in the game was a dropped punt in the first quarter. Why did they hang it up? Who knows. Poor decision making? Poor execution? Lack of talent? Probably a little of all of these.

    Standing in my seats I can tell you that UNI looked bigger and faster on both offensive and deffensive line. They had more fire. They had a smart game plan. They had a QB that acted like a leading and not a follower. I hate to say this.... They had the better team. Skill and size.

    These players looked defeated and flat after that fumbled punt. We still had 3 quarters left.


    33 said some players are not happy with the coaches. Especially with the OC. Well, I'm sure that happens in every town there is a team. Not all the players are going to buy into or agree. Specially if they don't get a chance to see the field. Right now this offense looks almost like last years, with the exception that we might have a running game.

    I don't want to throw these guys under the bus. That has been done by too many people. Its there second game of the season... Yes 0-2 but come on. Give it time.... I'm sick of the "calling for the coaches head." "Lets put them on the hot seat." "My high school would beat these guys."

    These are stupid comments.... Your venting is understandable. Open up your front door and yell... Coming on here and commenting is only going to start arguements. People are passionate. Understandable, but stupid comments are going to start stupid fights.


    I understand people wanting to boo... I'm sure maybe I have done it before as a student, and in the five years since. It shows no class, but this is a free country. Freedom of speech... At least people are there.

    I would like to ask... Since only 20,000 people, give or take 10, showed up to the Kansas game last year. How many of US will be there when it comes to the Kansas State game? We might be winless. This will show truely who the real fans are. If your not going to be there, well, you might be one of those fairweather fans. No excuses about it.

    Last thing... why compare Dan McCarney and Gene Chizik?? Two different coaches. Two different systems. Two different situations.

    Why compare... this years stats to last years... why compare?? Dan is gone.. Never, and I repeat never coming back.. Let it go....

    Bellzisu is aka Chris Bellcock. Just so I'm not anonymous anymore.

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    Re: Opinions.....

    Good post. +1

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