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    MBB recruiting question

    Who is the coaching staff looking at if we don't get Stinnett? I just have a feeling like we aren't going to sign him, since he seems to want to travel with Andre McFarland. Could we be looking at some other player out of Brewster like Terrell McKenzie or something? I'm just curious, because I wouldn't mind getting him, Garrett, and Walker to go along with Brackins.

    I really am looking forward to the ISU football and basketball seasons, along with seeing what is going to happen with these recruits.

    Edit: If Stinnett decides to go elsewhere... could Jeffery Jordan become a real priority? I really like two ball sharing guards in the backcourt, and if he's been prepping himself to play point it couldn't hurt. I'd rather have guys back there who don't shoot enough as opposed to too much.

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    From what I've been told, Stinnett remains a real priority but he's not a class maker or breaker. I don't think that Jordan will be a priority at any point, he just doesn't have the raw talent that a lot of the possible recruits have. He has some upside but just not enough to become a priority over some of the others.

    If Stinnett decides to go elsewhere, the staff won't settle for somebody just to fill the class. I've been told repeatedly that scholarships will be banked if the right mix of players aren't available. I think a lot of coaches feel pressure to sign all the open positions each year but the new staff seems to be looking for a solid program year after year rather than getting stuck in the cycle of having to rebuild every couple of seasons.

    So in short, I don't think there becomes a clear priority after those that are already known. If some don't become Cyclones, others are available but they won't necessarily become priorities that we give up too much to get.

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    Didn't We Offer to Give Up a Scholarship?

    I thought that ISU offered to give up a scholarship related to the Hubalek deal. It seems like the NCAA would want us to take the penalty ASAP. In that case we might only have 3 scholarships available this fall.

    It seems to me the staff's priorities should be: Brackins, Garrett & Walker. If Stinnett's a great 3 point shooter then great, otherwise I'm comfortable with Garrett, McIntosh, Taylor, Dunson, W. Johnson, Clark & Jacobson on the perimeter for the 07/08 season.

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