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    manning to take less money than offered

    in order to keep free agents and acquire players the owners/coaches want. they offered 20m per year and he said to just make him equal to or less than tom brady (around 18m)

    i have always said any superstar who whines about money doesnt truly care about winning. so many superstars with huge contracts stay on bad teams (or move to worse ones) because of their greed and never win a title. even though he would still get around 18m per year, this makes me think higher of manning that what i already do. its not like he really needs that extra 2m per year, but i have never seen another superstar do this. i get so sick of multimillionaires jumping for a higher contract with a new team and saying "i just had to do what was right for my family [and take 17m from (team x) instead of 15m from my current team]. my family comes first." yeah...right...

    imagine the possibilities of a complete team of players who were willing to take a 5% pay cut in order to get better players to join up?

    Peyton Manning resisting Colts' efforts to make him highest-paid player - ESPN

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    Re: manning to take less money than offered

    He deserves a ton of money but I like how he just wants to win. He knows life is no different whether you're making 15 mil or 20 mil


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