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    Sporting News BigXII Preview

    Sporting news' recent edition has picked us, like all others, to finish second in the north behind Nebraska. Theres some other interesting tidbits about the league in here too. they ranked the groups of each team in the conference. For example, they said Iowa State has the best backfield in the Big XII, I'm guessing because of our quarterback and not much more. Our recieving core was 3rd, behind TT and Texas(?). Our O-line was 8th with Texas having the #1 line. Overall offensively we were 3rd with Texas being #1.

    Defensively we were 5th with Texas again being #1. They named our D-Line #4 with, you guessed it, Texas being #1. Our Linebackers were 8th, with Okla. on top. The secondary was also 8th, with Texas being #1 (I'm tired of saying that). We were named 11th on special teams, toping only KSU, with Colorado being #1. We were named the 3rd best coached team behind Oklahoma and Texas. And coming as a surprise to me we got the honor of having only the second hardest schedule behind Colorado.

    Our Secondary was one of the "Fatal Flaws" along with TAMU's front 7, and Colorado's recievers. The Oklahoma game on 10/14 was one of the games in the BigXII's "perfect Season" along with the Missouri game on 11/18.

    And I also found out that Joel Filani's mom is awesome, and Limas Sweed's favorite musician is Kanye West.

    God Bless America

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    Let Prohm's Posse Ride: Hallice, Brady, Stu, Lard, Naz, Deonte, Monte, Matt, Simeon, Jordan, and Babb.

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    I'm not sure anyone in the Big XII, or in the country for that matter, has a better total package at wide receiver than we do. We are one of the few schools that actually returns a quarterback and a running back, so that may be why we are the #1 backfield.

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