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Thread: The Tough Facts

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    The Tough Facts

    Iowa State has been on a downward spiral from the Colorado game in 2005. They have fallen from Big 12 North favorite to a loss to a FCS (I-AA) team. And here is my belief why.

    With the exception of a four game stretch in 2005 (Texas A&M, Ok. State, K-State, Colorado) the offense has been extremely ordinary point wise. If you take a closer look at those four games, ISU scored an average of 38 points. However, in those four games they had a plus 11 turnover ratio...Meyer didn't throw a pick in any of the games. This offense has since 2003 been more hype than substance. The only games they have put up big numbers, with the exception of A&M-2005, are the ones in which the D has created turnovers. ISU created 39 turnovers in 2005, which was 3rd in the nation. They also were 11th in the nation in rush defense at just over 90 yards a game. The only other team in the top 15 in both of those categories was Florida.

    They lost Leaders, Berryman, Dobbins, Robertson, Hicks, Moser, Paris, C.Johnson to graduation after 2005. And this year they lost Moorehead, Curvey, and D-Jack. That is a lot for a unit to overcome and their simply wasn't the talent in the system to replace them. The recruiting classes of '02 and '03 on defense were pretty much throw-a-ways.

    A lot of people expected the Offense to pick up the slack, but it hasn't happened. And the D has stopped creating turnovers to help them out in the past year plus. ISU was 104th in turnovers forced last year. I respect Meyer and Blythe, but if you take a closer look at the numbers they haven't been historically as productive as you may think.

    Meyer and Blythe have started 40 games in their career....ISU has scored more than 28 points only 8 times (4 of which came in that four game stretch I wrote about earlier thanks to the D and short fields.)

    And ISU hasn't been over the 28 point mark in regulation since the famed Colorado tornado game in 2005, a stretch of 16 games.

    So, in short, the offense has never improved enough to cover up the loss of a ton on defense. And I'm afraid you won't see much improvement in the near future. It will be a process as tough as that is to swallow.

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    Re: The Tough Facts

    At this point we have no Big 12 all star players. Last year Ace was a tackling machine. Now that he has more help, he will not have the stats. The offense looks more like North Carolina, Michigan, and Notre Dame each game. Just a non scoring team near the red zone.

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