We have a Maytag Neptune dryer (Model 9700 ) that is about 5 years old. Yesterday, my wife notices a "rope" from inside the front seal dangling in the dryer.

I pulled the rope out (into the drum) and took off the front panel. The "rope" appears to be a felt seal; I assumed a "bearing" for the drum to rotatoe on. I read a little on the internet and assumed I would have to buy a new seal and adhesive to fix the dryer.

However, after I took it apart, I can't find anyplace that it should go. The seal is intact and appears to be complete. There is some burnished of the seal still in the dryer which matches the rope that I pulled out. But the edge of the drum is polished apparently from the seal still in place.

Has anyone had this happen? If so, where did the seal come from and it is needed?