I am disappointed. The wind is out of my sails somewhat. And I'll admit I made it back to the tailgating bus early last night. This is bad football, and I think we were sold on a lot of promise and a big name coach.

I'm making an appeal to the people on this board, and to the greater ISU community to support your team. I had a few things happen since the game ended last night that really left and impression with me.

First, I heard a grown man have a temper tantrum on the scale of a 6-year old kid who didn't get candy at the grocery store. Grow up, calm down, get a grip.

I listened to a some one call in to the post game show and rail on Gene and made it out to be that Gene was a snake oil salesman. When asked what he would do? Silence.

Some of the people at the lot last night were asking for Chizik's head. My response to that, is we are Cyclone fans, not Hawkeyes. If you want it easy, and want to join the herd then start heading over to Iowa City, and pull the same crap that their fans did after Kirk's lackluster first few seasons.

The biggest, most impressive and least likely thing I saw since the game last night was on TV. I was watching a show called "The States" and they had a segment about Wisconsin. A little old lady said "I went to my first Badgers game in 1934 and I've only missed one game since then." This diminutive old lady has a lot to teach us Fantasy Football "experts." The biggest lesson about sportsmanship and being a good fan came not from a former letterman, an undergrad with painted face, or the pot bellied tailgaters. It game from an old frail woman who was there through thick and thin. She never said if she always had good things to say about the head coach, or if she never left before the end of the game. So I think we collectively could learn a lot from this little old lady. She's got a healthy grip.

Maybe we should focus more on what we can do as individuals to improve the gameday environment, and less on what the people on the field should do. I'm as frustrated and heartbroken as everyone else in CycloneLand. This is terrible football but we need to get a healthy grip on what it means differentiating us from the Iowa fans who want blood when they have a bad season, or the Minnesota fans who only go to games when the cards are in their favor.

Ok, that was cathartic. Thanks.