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Thread: Tough Year

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    Tough Year

    I've had season tickets since 1995 and I don't remember ever being more frustrated. I knew it was going to be a long tough year but there seem to be so few positives.

    I'm sure my attitude will change but last night I questioned myself whether I should even buy season tickets next year. I'm not going to get down on the players or coaches. It's more of a question on whether it's money well spent.

    Probably just a little frustrated.

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    Re: Tough Year

    I the frustration is because out of the last 5 seasons we have had 2 years where we actually were an average team that should have won the "at the time" the crappy north. The other 3 years have been like watching a bad 7th grade Football team. You just look at the team and wonder how they hell they are ever going to get better.
    0-12 will kill recruiting and we don't get on tv which is actually probably a good thing this year. I know that time is the answer, but I think this rebuilding job could take years. By they time he gets his players in that we need(3 years)We will be right back at the schedule were we play @Iowa, @OU, @TExas, @K-state, @Colorado etc....Should be interesting.
    What is really frustrating is that every single team in the big 12 is on the rise except for ISU and Baylor. Colorado, K-State are going to be back to their Top 25 status soon and that spells trouble.

    If we go 0-12 we will only have like 20 wins in the last 5 seasons and will be the worst record in ISU history. I sure hope that doesn't happen.

    As Far as UNI....They are a good team, but they need to calm down. They just beat one of the worst football teams in the country that had 2 crucial unforced turnovers and 1 forced bad turnover that cost the game. Not to mention Shaggy. Maybe if our defense wasn't put in bad spots all the time it would have been different

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