If there’s a Chicago baseball radar, the White Sox usually are able to glide beneath it.
Turbulence? Some.
Excitement? A bit.
Smooth sailing? Mostly.
Until a Guillen family member pipes up, which, come to think about it, is just about always.
Things had been calm since the last Ozzie seizure and rant about nobody caring about managers, about their unrequited passion for the game, about how they come back in wheelchairs years later and people pee on their statues, etc. There was a broken coffee maker up there in Toronto, plus chair debris.
That was nine days ago.
Now we have opinionated, profoundly prolific, quasi-literate Oney Guillen, the manager’s son, and no longer a member of the Sox in any form, using his best pal, Twitter, to lob a grenade into the peaceful glen.
‘‘Shocker white sox pick another good athlete black kid,’’ Oney tweeted after the Sox took 20-year-old Keenyn Walker with their first pick in the 2011 amateur draft. ‘‘How about picking a good baseball player.’’
Well, how sweet.
Yup, Walker is black. He is also athletic.
The Sox even said so on their official post: ‘‘Athletic Walker Selected by White Sox at No. 47.’’
But nobody had ever played the race card in the Sox’ baseball dealings until Oney felt compelled to.
‘‘People relax my comment has nothing to do with color just stating the obvious.’’
Garbage. If it had nothing to do with color, then why use the word black? That’s a color, Oney, in case you didn’t know.
Oney Guillen’s raceball game vs. White Sox is just stupid - Chicago Sun-Times