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    Need to install a new air-to-air heat pump

    House at Lake Panorama and just found out our 17 year old Trane unit shot craps and need to replace the entire unit. I'm not a big fan of heat pumps because in our cold winters the heating doesn't keep up, while it was fine for A/C in the summer, the house doesn't have natural gas lines run to it. So we are forced to replace with another heat pump unit and while I'm sure technology has greatly improved over our 17 year old unit, what brands and hvac installers in the area to people recommend?


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    Re: Need to install a new air-to-air heat pump

    I do not know anyone to recommend in the area. If you go heat pump again, air to air is the worst option. Geo Thermal would be much better. But if air to air is it, then get an outside thermostat hooked up to use the backup heat source (probably electric in your case) when the temp drops below about 25 degrees. The electric will actually be more effiecent than the heat pump in temps lower than that, because the heat pump will spend an amount of time in defrost mode, with the backup heat on, to keep ice off the outside coils. Thus you are not only heating your house with electric heat anyways, you are heating the outside by running in essentially the a/c mode to melt the ice off the coils outside. I would think any good company would do this without a problem. It would be better for your wallet if your backup heat could be natural gas or LP.

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