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Thread: Chizik Era

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    Chizik Era

    Ok, I know it was a tough loss, but the one thing that stuck out in my mind the entire game was the very beginning. Watching on Clone Zone, seeing Chizik leading the team to the field, I literally got chills.

    There is something about his aura that tells me that he is the man to right this ship. His halftime interview, his postgame comments...everything tells me that this guy expects to win every single game.

    He has to think that way, otherwise he isn't doing his job. Just watching him, with the ISU visor and the look of the blue collar, don't mess around type got me pumped. Obviously the game didn't go the way he planned, but in the end he said something to the effect of I'm not used to this. Which tells me, he has to get the players out of the mentality of getting used to losing.

    This is college football, where anything can happen. We might be able to sneek up on a few teams, but the way Chizik sees'd be a shock to him not to win. I like that.

    Don't expect to see many heartbreakers like that one. We're going to lose games, but we're never going to have to settle for losing games. Gene Chizik won't let that happen.

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    Re: Chizik Era

    Did anyon else think that music was sort of blah. Ok, let me refraise. I liked the music, but it was real quiet and then just shut off when the team came out.

    I know what you mean about those chills though. Seeing them walk all they way through and too the entrance just put you in ah in a way.

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