Tiger Woods is Embattling the Ultimate Mystery - REX HOGGARD - Golf News & Articles | Golf Channel

Because of the vagaries of your generic freefall, there is normally no way to know when one has reached the apex of a tumble. But on Wednesday Tiger Woods arrived, at least by proxy, at rock bottom.
In an interview on Sport Radio 790 The Zone in Atlanta, John Daly revealed he and the game’s embattled superstar had a heart-to-heart at last year’s PGA Championship covering everything from Woods’ broken marriage to his tattered public image.
“It made me relieved what Tiger was going through. Do I blame Tiger for what he did? Yes. Did he have a reason? Yes,” Daly told the “Mayhem in the A.M.” show. “He said, ‘I thought about talking to the media right after it all happened. Telling the truth and what was going on. I really did. But I was told not to.’ I don’t blame him for listening to bad advice that he totally got over this whole situation.”
When JD is spinning apologies and offering marital advice you know life has thrown you a three-club wind and a 400-yard forced carry.