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    New/Changed Rules to CFB

    It was listed in the Register today. I have put my two cents in on each, what do you all think?

    Rule 6-1-1

    Unless relocated by penalty, the kicking team's restraining line on kickoffs shall be the 30-yard line.

    RATIONALE: This change will create more kickoff returns and therefore more action. This change will save about 1 minute from length of game time.

    This will make for many 'big' plays. IMO, this helps ISU as we have had to cover kick offs all of last year.

    Rule 3-2-5-e

    When Team B is awarded a first down, the clock is stopped and starts on the snap.

    RATIONALE: A rule change last year contributed to the elimination of about 16 plays and 15 minutes of elapsed time.

    Great news!! the change to a continuous clock last year was a bummer: A lot less college football. This rule along side the one above, there will be more comebacks and heartbreaks this year.

    Rule 3-2-2-h

    Following television timeouts, the ready for play period will be 15 seconds.

    RATIONALE: This will eliminate some dead time during televised games. The NCAA committee estimates this will save about 3 minutes.

    Will this effect us? We don't seem to have lots of TV this year. Will we be ready for the BigXII championship clock management? All in all, I think it is a good thing.

    Rule 3-3-7-a

    For televised games, a team timeout is 30 seconds, plus the 25-second play clock.

    RATIONALE: This eliminates 30 seconds from timeouts. Many timeouts are called to simply stop the clock. This will save 3-6 minutes on game length, depending on how many timeouts are used.

    This, IMO, will keep a team up, versus the occasional let down when momentum is turning/taking place and timeout is called taking a full minute. Am I making sense here?!

    Anyhoo, I am most happy about the stopped clock after a first down. I thought it was rough on the teams last year when things would get inside 3 minutes... it was really only 1 minute of game play.

    - keep.

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    Re: New/Changed Rules to CFB

    Thanks for the summary. :)

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