I recently had a birthday and my wife bought me a Boxee. After a little playing around and configuration, I have to say that II'm impressed.

It does the netflix app. Nothing special here, works just like my Ps3

Works good with Pandora, You tube, etc. with no problem

I can access files on my PC. This is nice because it can play about any type of file. ISO. all the mpeg, WMV, etc. all work good.

The big thing is that it works with Navi-x which gives me access to about anything on TV. For example I recorded the Kennedys on DVR this past weekend but I accidently set it up to only record 5. I searched on Navi-x and they all showed up and in nice format. It's a similar experience to "on demand" type service but reall stuff is on there. Justin TV is also an option.

You can also be on your laptop and hit the shortcut "watch it later" and it will send that link to your boxee.

It works with wifi or ethernet and it's just one HDMI cable to your TV.

I will say that I had a little bit of a problem setting up the media share with my PC but that was because I had it locked down to tight.