A few interesting reads out there regarding the conference landscape:

First, this paralegal's well thought out article talks about differences between revenue producing in the NFL vs. college football and basically states that 12 is the ideal number of teams for a conference.

SEC Football Expansion | Saturday Down South

Sports Business Journal wrote an article about a week ago saying that Larry Scott and the Pac12 are shooting for the richest TV contract as both their 1st and 2nd tier rights are due for a new contract (unlike the Big12's 1st tier rights not coming due til 2016).

Pac-10 seeks college's richest TV contract - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal

The last article is some random guy's opinion, but he talks about the fact that Big12/Pac12 will be on FX next year. His sort of implied point seems to be that the Pac12 needs to get more exposure because ABC only gives them regional coverage on game of the week. He says nationwide primetime games on FX will give them that coverage and essentially increase the value of their product for future contracts once more people get used to Pac12 football.

FX To Air Marquee Pac-12 Football Primetime Games Next Season - Bay Bridge Banter - SB Nation Bay Area

Personally, I think this stuff is interesting to follow from the business end of things. Who knows what will happen in the future though. Given the length of TV contracts these conferences are signing, my best guess is that everything will blow up around 2025 when most conference contracts expire in that general time period. Hopefully nothing will happen before then so that Rhoads gives ISU some success and ISU at least a few poker chips to bring to the table when it all goes down next time.