Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS) were started in 1903 when a mother dying of tuberculosis asked her minister to help her find someone to care for her four young children. This ministry has expanded over the past century to meet the needs of many families. They serve children from their birth to the age of 17 who have suffered from neglect, abuse and abandonment or the children from the families suffering from crisis such as death of a parent, diverse, illness, violence, homelessness, parental drug/alcohol abuse and other issues that affect family stability.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is a charitable organization that fulfills the mission of providing ****** centered care and family support regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or financial services. PCHAS is a ministry of Presbyterian Church (USA).It is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. This agency is a member of the national association of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Related Ministries. It is also a sponsor agency of the Teaching-Family Association.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services have five main programs namely Group Homes, Foster Care, Child and Family, Single Parent Family and Educational Programs. They are largely supported by donors and volunteers.

One such donor is Victron Energy which is located in the Waxahachie community. They were proud to make a donation of $1000 during the Christmas season. Ali Sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, says that it is a privilege to be able to give the children in need during the holiday season. He feels that the children deserve both the material gifts during Christmas and the emotional joy that accompanies it. He thinks it is a blessing to be able to provide them a little something.