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    Big XII WBB NCAA -- 3 conf losses on day 1

    ISU, Texas Tech, and Texas all lost their first-round games today so the Big XII had a rough opening. Disappointment city. (Throw Iowa in that mix too if you'd like.)

    I'm not one of those people who likes to talk a lot about the "strength of conference" and "down years" etc.... Because as the Marist fan on this board or the ESPN board said, strength of conference doesn't equate to strength of team.

    BUT anyway, it will be interesting to see if K-State can beat Purdue and OU can beat James Madison tomorrow. I predict a K-State loss and OU win.

    A&M and Baylor are another story, obviously.

    Just some thoughts on the conference. We're not the only ones upset tonight.

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    Re: Big XII WBB NCAA -- 3 conf losses on day 1

    I think when you have to take recent history into the strength of confernce. When a team goes thru a conference unbeaten any conference they have to be a very good team. I like what marist and gonzaga did going out in the non conference and challenging themselves after successful runs last year and bringing back a bunch, Now with ISU bringing back a bunch i hope that they don't put to much on the conference strength and go challenge themselves outside conference a couple of times and not just when they play Iowa, UNI and Drake

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