If the University of Nebraska at Omaha really goes through with the plan to drop its wrestling program, it would leave prep grapplers in the metro area without a collegiate option locally.

For now, that is.

Iowa Western athletic director Brenda Hampton confirmed Tuesday that adding wrestling has been brought up at her community college following the quick successes of its recently added programs.

“Wrestling has kind of been on our radar for a while, basically because we have a lot of inquiries from high school athletes,” she said. “Since we’ve started all of these other programs – golf, soccer, track and football – it got everybody else asking about wrestling.”

Hampton said IWCC has had only preliminary discussions about wrestling to this point. She hasn’t researched the feasibility of adding a program and currently has no timetable for doing so, although she understands a loss of wrestling at UNO may increase the demand for the sport at her school.

“It may move wrestling (talks) a little faster along, I don’t know,” she said. “That’s something the college and the athletic department will have to discuss.

“As far as wrestling programs go in the metro area, there aren’t a lot of options for students out there. It’s definitely something we should look at so we can provide that opportunity.”

Hampton called the proposed cuts at UNO “a sad deal” and said it would be unfortunate if wrestling couldn’t be saved, especially when considering the championship level at which the Mavs compete.
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