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    Worst job/boss and what did you do?

    What was the worst job or boss you have ever had and what did you do about it? Talking about professional work experiences.

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    Re: Worst job/boss and what did you do?

    I was managing a new hotel that I helped open, and one thing after another after another went wrong. The construction was shoddy, they didn't allow me to hire enough staff or to pay decent wages, so the people I got were awful. My boss was new to her job and had less experience than I had in the hotel business (by about 8 years), yet had a better way to do everything.

    I was finally fed up with it. One day, she came in and said she was going to write me up for some BS and told me to think about what I needed to do to be successful and come back tomorrow and tell her. So, I went home and thought about it all night. The next day, she asked me if I had thought about it, and I said, "Yeah. I decided that what I need to do to be successful is to leave this position and this company. Here's my two week notice".

    She was in shock and excused herself to place an ad, cuz she sure as hell didn't want to do the extra work it would require to do that job. I had no job lined up and no real prospects, but it sure was liberating. I even had a "retirement party" on my last day. Good times.

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