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"What's for dinner?" It's a question we all ask ourselves. And we're relatively sure that we'll be able to enjoy good food when we get home.

But for 17.2 million children – that's one in four – dinner isn't a certainty. These kids live in “food-insecure” homes. That means their families don't always have enough money to pay rent or utilities … and buy enough groceries to make sure their children have enough to eat.

We can help.

ConAgra Foods is launching the second year of its Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. This year, our goal is to donate another 2.5 million meals, as consumers buy specially marked packages of Healthy Choice®, Marie Callender's®, Chef Boyardee®, Kid Cuisine®, Banquet®, Peter Pan® peanut butter and Fresh Mixers®. Each time you enter the unique code on each of these packages at, you'll help us donate another meal to Feeding America, the nation's largest emergency food relief agency.

If you want to learn more about child hunger and its devastating effects, watch "Child Hunger Ends Here: A Special Report" with Al Roker and Natalie Morales. It will air on March 19 in Omaha, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and other cities nationwide. Check your local listings for times and stations.

No child should worry if he or she will have dinner. I hope you agree, and that you'll join me to make sure Child Hunger Ends Here!