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    latest cinema reviews

    in my never-ending attempt to burn off work hours during the day....I thought I would post a couple of cinema reviews of films I attended while in North Carolina.

    "Talladega Nights" this film was an all-out riot...Is there a funnier American out there then Will Ferrell? Takes the initiative and rips the entire NASCAR scene with tributes to trophy wives and neanderthal pals...3 monkeys for me.

    "The Descent" this film is bloody frightening....I may be a little biased with it being made in my home country...but it is pretty nails to offer something in cinema that is not some twit spy in a tuxedo or a monty python yak-fest....overall..a very solid, well made horror film that sidesteps the usual trappings in the genre (ampled jublied nitwits running about)...very clausterphobic and nasty.....4 monkeys

    have not seen "WTC" as of yet....might be a wee bit tough to handle (much like United 93)..I hope to post further cinema reviews next week along with culinary bits and ends as well.

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    Talledaga Nights was the *****! I loved that movie and although ticket prices are high, and the concession prices are higher than those of the state fair's, I have seen it in theatres twice and look to see it again at least once more if not twice or thrice more before it comes out on DVD.

    God Bless America

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    I heard the Descent was quite good as well.

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