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    Twister Sister Summary - ISU routs CU 71-45

    This was a payback game…at least from the fans’ perspective. Of course Coach Fennelly would never utter such words publically, but after the embarrassing game in Boulder it was just that. The only player that showed up for that game was the Bolt.

    Great crowd in Hilton tonight on a beautiful evening. The crowd was pretty noisy even as the teams were being introduced. One side note…at least at Hilton you don’t have to worry about someone screwing with the words or melody of the Star Spangled Banner!!

    The game got off to a bit of a rough start for the ladies. The theme of the first half was horrid shooting. For most of it the Sisters were hitting at about a 25 percent clip. Not pretty, but what was? Defense. We started in a zone and CU took advantage of nice ball movement to nail a couple of three’s early and take a 10-5 lead. From that point on we got to see ISU not only switch back to a man defense, but the offense got aggressive as well. At the 13 minute mark ISU was in the bonus and would make several free throws down the first half stretch. I’m going to name my player of the game early in this write-up. Its my personal favorite player Jess Schroll. She entered the game and made an immediate impact. She drove to the hoop with authority and hit four of those free throws. She played tenacious defense. You could see it in her eyes that this was her game.

    Colorado kept hitting just enough shots to make it interesting through halftime as they would stay within five at the break. Side note – the officials made some rather atrocious calls and had several “how the heck did they miss that” moments as well. If they hadn’t been so bad CU would have fouled out more than the two that left the game. It seems the common theme of beating ISU is to literally beat them up. If we handle it then look out. If we don’t it’s a recipe for disaster. Tonight we handled it.

    The second half was one where the defense again exerted itself. CU hit two free throws and then went on a huge scoring drought that lasted what seemed like 8 minutes. I honestly forgot to look at the clock as I was just enjoying the dominance. Our offense still wasn’t clicking but between free throws and made shots we slowly started to pull away. May not seem like a big lead, but by the time CU called a timeout we were up by 12. It wouldn’t stop there.

    Several beautiful plays with assists coming from unlikely people. Top assists for the night came from Pop, Prins, and Jess. Even Loz had a thread-the-needle pass for a bucket in the second stanza. Perhaps the big stat of the game was turnovers. Our ladies only committed SIX for the game. Great ball handling by Loz. She valued it and managed the game just as I’m sure Bill would ****** it.

    Another nice aspect of the game was seeing the scoring spread out among a bunch of the players. Bolt led the way with 17. She sat out much of the first half and part of the second. When she got in during the second half she got aggressive and went to the line where she would hit 7 of 8. Loz had 13, Jess 11, and Prins 10. Big C and Bolt had 7 boards each. The second half was a demonstration of domination as our ladies would outscore CU 40-17. Holding any team to 17 points is doing something.

    Important stat – Canisius College, for some time, has been one game up in the record books over ISU for consecutive games with a three point shot. They missed one last night. With the five ISU hit tonight we’ve tied Canisius for the national record at 510 consecutive games. The first three on Monday will give ISU the record at 511. That is simply amazing folks. That record goes back years (the Canisius record began in 1994). Wow.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - ISU routs CU 71-45

    I made my first trip up from KC to Hilton in a couple of years thanks to my nephew using his connections to get me good seats for both games. Couldn't pass it up even though it was last minute. Anyway, they obviously were counting tickets sold or Johnny's hold more people than I thought. No way there were 12,000 at the men's game and 10,600 at the women's game, but still good crowds.

    The ladies clamp down D was great in the second half when they held CU without a FG for the first ten minutes. That was pretty much when they took over. Seeing Lauren and Hallie in person for the first time, I was impressed. Hallie can do just about anything Pop and Prins do, plus a some of what Bolte can do. He abilities are what allow them to go with the three of them in the lineup at one time. Good strong farm girl, who you don't take the ball away from like you can Prins.

    Mansfield's motor does not quit, and she is pretty fearless.

    Of course Bolte should be an AA. Some of the shots she made, we amazing. She still lead the way, even though she sat out for over 8 minutes of the first half when she got a questionable second foul.

    Chas and Jess are looking a lot more comfortable in their roles. Hopefully Chas will get more confidence in her shot this off-season. Zimm seems to be falling deeper into the bench. Don't know what the deal is, but sad for a kid who committed to the Cyclones even before she played a HS game.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - ISU routs CU 71-45

    I can believe the men had close to 12,000. No way the women had 10. If you move the who was in the upper deck down to the parquet, it might have filled it.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - ISU routs CU 71-45

    Nice to see the Twister Sisters dish out some pay-back to Colorado and their 40 minute whinefest. Have fun in the Pac-10/12, Thugaloes.

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