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    O. T. Cyclone of a Different Color (Green)

    POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 16, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (Other OTC: CYPW.PK announced today that it successfully ran its Green Revolution EngineTM on bio-diesel fuels derived from palm oi, cottonseed oil and chicken fat.
    The bio-diesel fuels registered an average BTU level of 121,000 per gallon -- more than sufficient to run Cyclone's high-performance, external combustion engine. The fuels burned clean, producing a pure blue flame, and produced no noticeable residue from the fuel injector.
    These results mark the company's second test of alternative bio-fuels in its revolutionary engine -- the first involved burning d-Limonene, a fuel made from orange peels. Despite the profound difference in chemical composition, BTU levels and consistency, neither test required any modifications to the Cyclone engine or its fuel injector.
    "We're very pleased with these results," stated Harry Schoell, the company's CEO and engine inventor. "We have shown that our engine and its critical fuel delivery component -- the fuel injector -- are sufficiently versatile in design and construction to handle multiple fuels. What is more, they are fuels that can help save our environment and reduce our nation's dependency on foreign oil."
    According to the National Biodiesel Board, U.S. DOE Office of Transportation Technologies, certain bio-diesels can reduce CO2 emissions by 78% and lower the carcinogenic properties of diesel fuel by 94%. Additionally, they are biodegradable fuels, meaning that they can decompose as the result of natural agents such as bacteria, making spills less damaging to the environment.
    Over the next week, Cyclone plans to complete its final alternative fuel tests, burning several grades of ethanol, a fuel produced from corn.
    About Cyclone Power Technologies Inc.
    "Imagine an invention that offers a clean burning, highly efficient, non-polluting, lightweight, compact, mixed multi-fuel alternative to current diesel and gasoline powered internal combustion engines. Picture a future in which we are less dependent upon Middle East oil. Experience an environment in which the air we breathe is ‘scrubbed' and contaminating particles are removed by incineration in a motor that cleans the air instead of polluting it. Realize that such engines exist and are already running."
    The environmentally friendly Cyclone's Green Revolution Engine TM is designed around the principles of an external combustion engine, to efficiently use any liquid or gaseous fuel and create more power and significantly less emissions than current gasoline or diesel powered internal combustion engines. The engine is scalable in its size and output such that it can be utilized for applications ranging from small generators, household, and lawn equipment, to medium scales addressing automotive, power boats, and light trucks, and the larger scales required in the trucking, commercial marine, off road construction equipment, and stationary generator markets.
    To date, Cyclone Power Technologies has completed its initial research and design of the engine, and has already successfully bench-tested single and twin cylinder engines in the smaller power range. Four six-cylinder engines are currently being assembled. Bench testing on these medium scale engines will commence within the next few months. We are well beyond the proof of concept stage.
    Cyclone's Green Revolution Engine TM is currently protected under US Patent # 7,080,512, with patents pending for the engine internationally. Earlier this year, the company filed US patent applications for the 11 major components that are now covered by the international PCT filing. This brings a total of 48 patents pending in the US and internationally on the engine and its components.
    In addition to developing the engines, the Cyclone team has secured an initial tier of investment, participated in major engineering trade shows, signed a contract with an investment group for the manufacturing rights of this engine in marine applications, and made marketing contacts with generator manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, and diesel engine builders.

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    Re: O. T. Cyclone of a Different Color (Green)

    I say we have them purchase the naming rights to JT and name it Cyclone Stadium at Jack Trice field. It will work out for everyone!

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    Re: O. T. Cyclone of a Different Color (Green)

    UH-OH, I smell new logo discussion...

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